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The Sonoma Diet

The Sonoma Diet is yet another type of eating regiment that are unfamiliar to most people who do not follow health and food trends.  However, it is certainly found its niche among those who are on the lookout for a diet that doesn’t require too much deprivation, calorie counting and the consumption of bizaare food and foods combinations for a specific amount of time.

The Sonoma diet was developed by Dr. Connie Guttersen, a dietician and culinary expert who was inspired by the foods of Coastal California and the proven healthy benefits of the Mediterrenean diet.  What she came up with became quite popular because it incorporates fresh and flavorful ingredients in a simple way that promotes more of a lifestyle rather than a time bound diet.

Being a lifestyle, one can integrate this fully into one’s day to day healthy meals and in a way celebrates the beneficial nutrients of the food rather than focus on what’s missing.  As such, the normal feelings of deprivation associated with most other diets are eliminated.  Those who are fond of whole grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables and olive oil are in for a treat as the Sonoma diet encourages its consumption.  Learn more information either by going online or purchasing a variety of books which provide healthy recipes as well as a more detailed eating plan.

The Sonoma diet is marketed rather well in such a way that people tend to gravitate towards the claim that there is no diet food and tedious calorie counting in the program.  However, before one thinks that Sonoma is just the same as the excessive intake and the high fat and calorie junk food most Americans enjoy immensely, it’s still wise to conduct a little research before embarking on the Sonoma or any other miracle diet regardless if it’s strict or seemingly a piece of cake.

There are three phases in the program popularly called as waves.  The first wave comprising one and a half weeks involves addressing bad eating habits by gradually making some modifications–the most significant of which is controlling sugar intake and avoiding heavily processed food.  Here those on the program also start learning about the nutritional values of food and portion control.

After one has successfully managed to complete this, dieters ten transition to wave two which they stay in until the target weight is achieved.  Wave three is already a success in the sense that one graduates into the maintenance phase obviously to keep the weight off.

Like many programs, it is still advised for people especially those with preexisting health conditions to consult a doctor or health provided before embarking on a chosen diet.