Coconut Water – The Latest Craze in America

What is in coconut water that’s gotten American’s all agog about it?  Perhaps it’s a great tasting refreshment that provides a lot of natural nutrition with very little calories and virtually fat free.  The fact that celebrities are seen guzzling them down certainly helps a lot!  In health magazine articles, these Hollywood celebrities are seen stepping out of the gym with the latest accessory – a carton or can of coconut water.

It’s fast becoming such a prized commodity that some stores, gyms and yoga studios can hardly keep them on the shelves.  It’s quite expensive in cold countries as these are processed probably from across the globe in tropical countries such as Indonesia or the Philippines where these are available for a fraction of the cost and straight from the tree.

Despite the processing which usually involves pasteurization to extend shelf life, coconut water taken from either the young or mature coconut fruit still packs a lot of nutrients.  Apart from vitamins and minerals, it efficiently hydrates the body with its electrolyte very similar to the human body, helps burns fat and speeds up metabolism making it a great weight loss beverage without artificial ingredients, flavors and colors.  Coconut water also helps lower blood pressure and slow down ageing.

Vegetarians, vegans and even raw foodies use it extensively in their healthy meals preparation making it a lactose free base for smoothies as well as soups and desserts.  They usually prefer the unsweetened variety and can tell if it is taken from a young or mature coconut. 

It’s naturally low in sugar and makes a great tasting alternative to sodas, sports drinks and artificially flavored juices.  Even compared to real fruit juices, coconut water is usual more natural with only the water taken from the fruit as an ingredient for the unsweetened variety.  Some manufacturers combine other fruit juices for other variants.

Like with most plant-based foods, fresh is always best but with modern technology, perishable products such as coconut water can be processed to prolong shelf life allowing it to be brought all over the world.


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