Anti-Migraine Foods

A short conversation with people who suffer from migraines and you’d learn that they’ve tried many different things to relieve themselves from the terrible symptoms of this quite common ailment.  Apart from the typical searing pain in the head which migraine sufferers liken to being pricked with pins and needles, other symptoms range from seeing flashing lights or jagged lines to changes in the senses of smell, taste and/or touch.  These experiences are part of what is called the aura and is part of what people call a classic migraine.  It can be rather alarming for those who just started experiencing migraines.

For those who’ve been suffering for some time, they can already tell the stages from initial experiencing of the aura which manifests around 30 minutes before the actual onset and goes away as the pain commences.

Most people accept migraines as part of their lives with attacks being triggers by factors such as stressful situations, menstruation, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, stress and even weather changes.  As such, one can suffer from migraines quite frequently.  Most take various types of medication and sometimes try different kinds in search for what best alleviates the pains.

There are those who do not go for chemical drugs and pharmaceuticals and prefer to go natural in their search for migraine relief.  For alternative healers and naturopaths, there are healthy meals that are recommended to handle migraine.  Though there is no particular diet for classic migraine, a large number of sufferers claim that certain foods trigger attacks.  In this case, one simply has to not what these foods are and to simply avoid consuming them.  The list of foods varies from person to person but common items include coffee, sugary and highly processed food with chemical additives.

In general, it is recommended to go for healthy, nutrient and fiber rich foods that are either organic or natural.  These include the complex carbohydrates in whole grain foods, bread and rice.  Black and green tea, nuts and seeds likewise have compounds which studies show helps alleviate migraine symptoms.

Foods that have high amounts of vitamin B2 are said to be helpful in treating migraines.  Rather than take supplements, some people view food as their medicine and really research on foods that have these nutrients or impart specific health benefits.


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