Foods With Extraordinary Healing Powers

An unfortunate reality sometimes that alternative healing practitioners encounter in their line of work is the fact that they’re usually the last ditch effort some seriously ill people turn to after having gone through Western or pharmaceutical based treatments.  While Western medicine recognizes food as a major factor in the treatments they prescribe, it is more often than not a minor component that supposedly complements prescribed drugs or medical treatments.

One shouldn’t wait to get sick or have health concerns like high blood pressure, diabetes or obesity before making sensible eating gourmet recipes choices and incorporating healing foods in their diet.  By then it might already be too late.  Instead, incorporate smarter eating choices complemented by super foods, exercise and a positive outlook in life.  Like in any significant decisions that affect one’s life and health, it’s always wise to consult with a trusted health professional whether it’s a doctor, nutritionist, vegetarian, vegan or raw food advocate as they’re more aware of thing to recommend depending on the state your body is in. 

Be wary of just purchasing anything off the internet, home TV shopping or bazaars and instead do some research on their claims.  To believe in everything you see and read about will most likely lead to confusion and an empty wallet as a lot of these products cost a lot of money.  Read the labels of these products to see their nutritional benefits.

In general, going for organic and natural foods is better than heavily processed products that contain artificial ingredients, preservatives and chemicals.  A properly guided raw organic food diet has been hyped up to have healing benefits particularly due to its naturally detoxifying effect as well as the high quality nutrition it provides.

Another group of foods that are claimed to have healing properties are super foods and probiotic-rich and fermented foods.  Probiotic-rich kefir, dubbed as the emperor of yoghurt, contains over 30 species of beneficial bacteria that helps improve the functioning of the digestive system which some say help prevent a lot of illnesses arising.

Super foods are sometimes called functional foods for the reason that they confer a known health benefit if consumed in adequate quantities.  Examples include guyabano, goji and acai berries which are high in antioxidants known to combat certain types of cancer.  Herbs such as ginger and garlic have anti inflammatory properties that help relieve joint aches and pains.  Lagundi, a medicinal plant growing abundantly in the Philippines and around Asia is actually used as a main component of cough medicine and is giving chemical based drugs a run for their money.  A visit to the Chinese store can also open the mind as to the many healing herbs that purportedly cure any disease from simple colds to the dreaded cancer.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  This sounds like an overpromising statement but an apple combined with a balanced diet of wholesome foods eaten in a sustainable lifestyle can surely help prevent the onset of diseases in the future.


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